Shelter Pup Is Afraid Of Everything, But Watch Him Smile After He Finds Loving Home

When most dogs are brought to the shelter, they do not have very happy stories to share. They are typically brought to a shelter because they are found on the streets or their families do not want them anymore. Phoenix the pitbull found himself in this position when he first came to the shelter that would be housing him. He was incredibly fearful.

This is understandable when you stop to consider everything that poor Phoenix has been through. This dog was found tied to a tree and covered in various wounds. When the rescuers first arrived, they did not know if Phoenix was going to be able to survive what had taken place. The dog was in a bad way and would need a great deal of hope in order to survive.

He was scared of everyone and everything as well. Litters ‘n Critters Rescue Society decided to step in to help him out. Otherwise, Phoenix was not going to have very much of a chance in the future. He deserved the opportunity to enjoy a better life. The rescuers wanted to help him but they also had some reservations about his chances.

They were optimistic but they remained cautious. Lori and her husband agreed to serve as the dog’s foster family while they tried to find him a forever home. The couple had already taken home another pet from this organization and their new pal Echo needed a friend to play with. It was hoped that Phoenix and Echo would become pals.

Phoenix was full of fright when he first arrived. He simply hadn’t lived in a home environment that allowed him to be himself. Echo and Phoenix would soon start to hang out more and this broke him out of his shell. He stopped being afraid of every little noise that he heard. His outlook on life changed completely and he was happy once again.

All it takes is an push in the right direction. Echo’s confidence is what let Phoenix know that he was in a safe place. The family would soon decide that they were ready to become Phoenix’s parents on a more permanent basis. A dog that was once staring in the death in the face is now living the sweet life. What a happy ending to an otherwise sad story. Please pass this story along to all of your closest friends and loved ones.

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