Simon Cowell Donates $32,600 To End Dog Meat Farming

Simon Cowell is the sort of man who is well known for telling everyone exactly how he feels. He does not pull punches of any kind and there is a reason why his opinion is held in such high regard in most instances. While the man that we see on television might appear to be a bit rough around the edges, the true Simon Cowell actually happens to be a big old softy.

When he is not crushing dreams or offering much needed advice on television, there are a number of causes that are near and dear to his heart. It is safe to say that the man we see onscreen is much different from the man that we see offscreen. Those who do not pay close attention to Cowell outside of television might be shocked to learn a few things about him.

For starters, he is someone who works tirelessly to assist animals who are in need. Cowell believes strongly in animal activism and is the sort of guy who is more than happy to put his money where his mouth is. Did you know that he spent over $30,000 out of his own pocket to put a stop to a farm that responsible for the manufacturing of dog meat?

The money was donated to the good people at Human Society International. They are looking to save the lives of hundreds of dogs who would not have been given a chance otherwise. If they have their way, the dogs will be taken away from the farmers and sent off to the United Kingdom to find forever homes. Human Society International is already responsible for the closing of a dozen dog farms.

Simon owns three dogs of his own and believes that eating a dog is the same thing as eating an old friend. The dogs that are trapped inside of these farms are subjected to atrocious conditions. No animal should ever be forced to live in such a manner. Thanks to the efforts of Simon and Human Society International, we may one day live in a world where they never have to.

Millions of dogs are bred in South Korea alone and these are the practices that Human Society International is looking to stop. Best of all, they are also teaching these farmers how to use their facilities and resources for alternative forms of cultivation. In due time, many of these farms will still to cultivate vegetables and other items that provide true nourishment.

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