Single dad confesses awful reasons why he refuses to date single moms

If you haven’t heard of Richard Cooper then you’re not missing much. He’s just a misogynist Youtuber who’s recently hit the headlines for his controversial video in which he “warns” men of the “hazards of dating single mothers”.

Cooper’s skewed views include the following reasons: mothers’ have “questionable judgment skills”, their bodies are “ruined” and their child will “eat your money and destroy your dreams”.

He spoke at an event last year, and his opening slide was that of a woman with a baby, and the caption read, “Single mother here: please take care of some other man’s ball of flesh that eats money destroys dreams and s***s stress. I offer you my ruined floppy p***y and mental issues!”

He went on to highlight nine reasons why a man should never date a woman who has a child, beginning with how “easy” it is for them to end relationships.

“When she goes, they go too,” he told the crowd. “You’ll never see them again and even though they might have driven you nuts you have double or triple the heartbreak. It’s very easy for them to end the relationship because they’ve done it before. It’s easy for them to move along and just slide into the next relationship.”

He also claimed that single moms have questionable judgment skills and a boyfriend will never be a priority. “Save yourself for somebody else that has the capacity and the time.”

Following that, he claimed that the children “eat up” too much time, and that single moms allegedly “think the world revolves around her and her kids,” adding that the kids will work against you.

Furthermore, the Youtuber – who also states he doesn’t date feminists, women “looking to be rescued” and women “with daddy issues” – claims single moms are emotionally unavailable and rarely take ownership of mistakes they may have made in their lives. On top of that Cooper also believes they have a “distorted self-image” which allows them to inflate their egos.

“All you have to do is go on any dating app, you’ll see single moms on there they think they’re a 10 when they’re like a 6. Everybody has had that experience I’m sure,” he said.

When news of the talk got out, social media was lit with people disgusted by his vile comments.

“Well this works out fantastically. I refuse to date arrogant, ignorant, ugly, baldy, beardy speccyfoureyed c**ts. So we’re on the same team really [sic],” wrote Twitter user @Toodles__Galore.

Another person with the username @dudleygirl85 added, “Single mums should be celebrating that they won’t come near them. [sic]”

Unfortunately, this talk isn’t the only time that Cooper’s opinions have been foisted upon the public. He regularly posts comments about his thoughts on women to his Twitter page. Most of these posts include his hatred for “toxic feminism”, his staunch belief that men shouldn’t take the male birth control pull because it would render them more “feminine”, and his belief that “women don’t care about the struggles men go through, they hangout at the finish line and f**k the winners”.

In another he puts:

“8 times out of 10 men get destroyed in family court, Google just learned it is paying women more then men, any woman can allege#metoo without evidence and destroy a man… Sorry ladies, you’ve had equality for years, the facts show feminism is in fact, seeking revenge. [sic]”

I think it’s fair to say Richard Cooper you’re safe – no woman, single mom or otherwise, is going to want to date you after this.

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