Sneaky Cat Has Tried To Escape So Many Times His Parents Put Up A Sign

Hubert is a special cat, the sort of feline who has a lot of personality. His spunky ways have made him an instant favorite. His mother loves him dearly. Laci describes him as a “grumpy old man who secretly loves and needs attention” and we must admit that this is a very apt comparison. He may pretend that he wants to be left alone but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Hubert did not take long to settle in at his new home. However, his family would soon notice that he was hopelessly obsessed with trying to get outside. He’s not the only cat to think this way. He may be one of the most persistent, though. The shelter claimed that Hubert was an indoor pet but we are pretty sure that they lied. He does not like to be caged in at all.

The family does everything in their power to keep him from heading out. It does not stop him from making regular attempts at an escape. Hubert just wants to head outside to play. Why does his family continue to barricade him like this? He loves his new home but he likes to be outside, too. Maybe they can find the right balance. In the meantime, the family has come up with a hilarious solution.

According to Laci, he tries to escape on a daily basis. Instead of getting mad, the family decided to put up a sign. Can you believe that Hubert weighs over 30 pounds? Just imagine how hard you would laugh if you saw a cat that size trying to slip out of the house without being noticed. Hubert definitely seems to think that he is still a little kitten.

He hasn’t been that small in some time. The sign that they put up is too funny. Visitors are warned not to let him out, no matter what he may say about the matter. The sign also warns visitors about his lack of outdoor skills….and his love for lying. The family is not trying to ruin his good times. They are simply worried about his safety.

As a family that resides on a busy street, they struggle to keep their pet safe from passing cars. They simply have his best interests at heart and we appreciate them for that. Please be sure to share this hysterical sign with all of the cat owners that you know. They are bound to get a major kick out of this family’s efforts.

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