Somebody Compared Game Of Thrones To Shrek And The Similarities Are Spot On

Whether you’re sad over the ending of Game of Thrones, or upset with the showrunners for how they handled the finale, here is something that will hopefully cheer you up.

Since the ending of the series, some fans have taken to social media to point out how a lot of the Game of Throne scenes – from King’s Landing all the way up to the Wall – have some alarming similarities to the much loved animated film series, Shrek.

The spotting of the similarities all began when a Twitter user with the handle @ohmytargaryen helpfully spotted the obvious saying, “So basically Game of Thrones is a Shrek live action.”

Of course, they were not wrong. And below you can see the images:

The series finale of Game of Thrones has disappointed a fair number of loyal fans, with more than a million die-hards even signing a petition to have the ending rewritten. Hopefully, this Shrek homage to Game of Thrones will appease some of them since everybody loves Shrek.

And just like Shrek giving Puss in Boots a spin-off film, there are many Game of Thrones fans are demanding an Arya spin-off.

Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the ending yet, the youngest member of the Stark family ended the series getting on a ship headed out to “what’s west of Westeros”. Definitely an ending with a lot of potential for a spin-off adventure, and most certainly a spin-off I’m sure we could all get behind.

Hopefully, the showrunners are reading this and take a hint. Give Arya her own show!

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