Someone Dumped 9 Puppies Because They Couldn’t Sell Them

When an anonymous tip came into the RSPCA, Mel Fisher was the inspector on duty.  The caller stated that someone was selling extremely sick puppies from a van.  She went out to where the van was parked and she was blown away by what she found.

Fisher discovered a completely empty van — and stashed in a bin next to the van in some bushes were nine scared and shaking puppies.

“It was during a hot spell so they were panting and really quiet because they were in such baking heat,” Fisher said in a press release.

No one knows how long the puppies were sitting in the bin, but they were barely moving when Fisher approached. Knowing they needed medical attention as quickly as possible, she rushed them to a nearby vet practice.

They puppies had been left in the hot blazing sun for so long they were dehydrated, weak and very sick the volunteers didn’t expect they to make it.

“When they first came in they were lethargic and quiet, they had diarrhea and [we were] quite worried,” Fisher said.

All nine puppies surprised everyone within weeks they were running and jumping like spunky little puppies. Their rescuers decided to name them Agnes, Barbara, Cheryl, Davina, Denise, Jerry, Jim, Joey and Norman.

The nine puppies were put up for adoption, and it didn’t take long for each and every one of them to be adopted into a loving forever home.  Now they’re all with a loving new families. 

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