Spring Forecast 2019: Don’t Hang Your Coat Up Just Yet

We are still in February and spring is already on everyone’s mind. Considering the harsh weather we have experienced this year, it really can’t get here soon enough.

The winter storms this season just seem to stick around so, now that we only have about a month to go before Spring is officially here, we want to see the melt starting already.

In January, there were multiple rounds of snow that hit the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. In the west, snowfall has been an issue on a scale that is not typically seen. Then again, every cloud has a silver lining and I don’t hear the ski resorts in the Rockies complaining.

So, the question still remains, when will Spring finally spring? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you live in the middle of the country, you might be in for a wait.

Cold air will be seen in the continental U.S. for the end of February and into the first week of March.

The cold air that just seemed to clobber the Midwest this year will hang on and March is likely to be colder than normal.

A warmup in the middle of the country is unlikely because the ground is so saturated from all of the precipitation already this winter. It takes longer to warm up the ground when it is wet.

The East Coast and Southwest have experienced drier conditions so they may be faster to feel the warmth of spring.

What about April and May? Expect the coastal states to feel the warmer temperatures and it should slowly work into the middle of the country.

Expect a warmer start to spring for the Southeast to the Northeast and the Rockies looking at March through May.

The rest of the country will feel temperatures that are closer to normal.

The southern half of the country from the Mid-Atlantic to the Four Corners should be wetter.

What about El Niño?

A weak El Niño is in place and it might just stick around through May. Since it is not all that strong, it should not have all that much of an impact on the weather.

Spring is here on March 20. It doesn’t matter if you listen to the groundhog or not, it seems that most of the country will stay cool until at least then.

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