Stray Dog Was Found Covered In Rock-Hard Tar And Unable To Move Makes Jaw-Dropping Recovery

The good folks at Animal Aid Unlimited came across a dog that was in such a unique predicament, they could not tell if the animal had done it to themselves or if they had been abused. We all know how curious dogs can be. We also know how cruel humans can be. When the dog was first found, they were inside of a barrel in India. The poor animal was covered in tar and the prognosis was not good.

The dog had spent several days inside of the barrel by the time the rescuers arrived. The poor creature was chest deep in tar and hyperventilating as well. No food or water was available. Rescuers say that the dog was “rock solid”. They believe that the dog climbed inside of a drum to remain warm during the night. From there, her body heat melted the tar and she inadvertently created her own prison in the process.

To make matters even worse, the dog seemed resigned to her fate when she was first found. The animal had given up all hope and seemed ready to die. In order to remove the dog from the barrel, they would have to take the barrel to a new location. This was not going to be an easy task. An ambulance was used to transport the barrel to the shelter.

Once the barrel arrived, the staffers set about the task of prying the animal loose. Vegetable oil was added to the tar as a means of loosening. Even with this clever solution at their disposal, it took well over an hour to remove the dog from the tar. At that point, the cleaning process began and it took several more hours to clean all the tar off the pooch.

She was named Asha. This name stands for “hope” when it is translated into Hindi. Asha would also need additional medical attention to repair the skin that had been burnt while she was trapped inside of the barrel. The rescuers were able to restore her faith in the world and they provided her with all the assistance that she needed.

The fact that she was able to survive this sad ordeal is a testament to the awesomeness of these rescuers and this dog’s indomitable will. Asha was not going to allow herself to perish. If you would like to find out more about Animal Aid Unlimited and how they can assist more animals like Asha, be sure to take a moment to visit their website!

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