Stupid Man Challenges A Wild Bison, And It Goes Exactly How You’d Expect

If you were driving down the road and a bison was blocking your path, you would probably wait the bison to handle its business, right? This is what a reasonable, intelligent person would do. This guy is a different type of person, though. When this clip opens, a crowd of drivers at Yellowstone Park were waiting for a bison to make its way across the road so that they could keep moving.

This is a common occurrence at this location and for the most part, everyone seemed to be handling it pretty well. As the clip begins, you can even hear children calling out to the “buffalo” as they encourage the animal to move. While most of us would be fine with sitting in our car until the bison decided to get out of the way, this special soul decided that he would intervene.

You would think he would understand the level of danger that is involved in this choice. A bison is not like a cat or a dog. They are not going to listen to reason or be frightened away because a human approaches. In fact, this bison seems downright offended that a human would even attempt to do something so foolish. How this man is still alive is beyond us.

He elected to engage with the bison and once the bison realized what was going on, the animal clearly felt disrespected. Instead of getting back into his car and offering prayers to the deity of his choice, this man decided that he would continue to tangle with the bison. At a certain point, you need to know when you have been licked and head back into the vehicle.

Was it really worth risking life and limb just to make sure that one bison clears out in a timely manner? We would definitely have abandoned this mission once it became clear that the bison was not happy with our presence. Then again, we never would have gotten out of the car in the first place. This is painful to watch and we feel bad for this man’s family.

They nearly had to watch their loved one get charged by a bison just to save a few minutes of travel time. Why did he have to mess with the bison like this? The narration on this video is what makes it so priceless! Please be sure to pass this hilarious clip along.

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