Take A Tour: Inside One Of The Most Dog-Friendly Offices In The Country

One of the most difficult parts about owning a dog is leaving them home every day when we go off to work. What if you were able to change that problem?

I’m not talking about staying home with your dog, I’m talking about working for a company that allows you to bring your dog to work every day.

That is the case with Kurgo, a company that is perhaps the most dog-friendly in the world. If you are ready to bring your pooch with you to work, check out what they have to offer.

So, why are Kurgo’s offices unique from the others?

First of all, Kurgo is a dog supply manufacturer located in Massachusetts. They create and design various toys and gear toward dogs and the people who love them.

What might surprise you is the industrial-inspired design of the office. Many pet owners would probably consider it to be an inhospitable place for dogs but they added features that make it the ideal location.

The office is located in Salsberry, Massachusetts. There are turf patches located throughout the office that give the dogs plenty of space to play. They also include plenty of lounging chairs and snack-ready refrigerators. Playground equipment is also found within the office area.

Gordie and Kitter Spater own the company that provides quality products with a lifetime guarantee, aside from the toys, as you would imagine. Some of the more popular products they offer include the ‘Impact Harness’ that protects dogs up to 130 pounds in the event of an automobile accident.

Gordie said the following in an interview with Boston:

“We try to model our brand off brands like L.L. Bean and Patagonia, but for the pet industry…We want to gain customers for a lifetime.”

Other pet-related gear is also available from Kurgo, including collars, leashes and many other outdoor accessories.

It’s nice that the dogs are permitted in the office but sometimes, Kurgo also uses them to test various products.

Kitter explained it this way:

“We get a lot of inspiration, looking at our own dogs and our problems.”

Their staff is encouraged to take the dogs for walks during lunch breaks. Considering the types of products they sell, it really works in their favor to do so.

This company does more than follow through on their recommendations and products, they also find that it is beneficial to staff morale when dogs are present in the office.

Work is not always a walk in the park and sometimes, it can be stressful. When you have a dog by your side, the stress may be alleviated.

“Taking our dogs for a walk at lunch, or just giving them a scratch is a pausing point…like if you’re having a serious conversation and the dogs are doing something goofy. It makes everything a little less serious.”

It seems that Kurgo is not the only retailer that believes in allowing dogs into the workplace. Amazon does so as well.

Amazon often allows employees to bring dogs to work in their headquarters, based in Seattle. There are approximately 7,000 dogs registered for the office.

This type of dog-friendly policy began in the 1990s. Rufus, a Welsh corgi was brought to the office and since that time, Amazon continues to build facilities that are dog-friendly. This includes water fountains, dog parks and even dog parking spaces in their 13.6 million-square-foot campus.

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Posted by Kurgo on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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