Teen Who Was Asked To Homecoming Only To Learn It Was A Cruel Prank Gets The Sweetest Revenge

Michael Conrad is a high school student in Salt Lake City. He was upset recently when he found out his home was egged.

What surprised him even more is the fact that a note was left by the person who did it.

“I’m sorry for the mess,” the note read, “but how about I make it up to you by taking you to homecoming?”

The note was signed by a cheerleader, one of his friends from school and it even included a lipstick kiss.

Michael has ADHD and autism and he had never been to a school dance before. He decided to gather all of the courage he had and find the girl to accept her homecoming proposal. The problem is, she didn’t know what he was talking about.

That cheerleader told Michael she had nothing to do with what happened to his house and she didn’t write the note. In addition, someone had already asked her out to the dance.

It turns out that it was only a cruel prank played on Michael by a school bully. As the word spread about the issue, teachers, family, and friends came to his defense and got together to get a little justice.

It was a few weeks later when he was taking a test in history class and it was interrupted by Dexonna Talbot. Dexonna is Miss Greater Salt Lake and she wanted to teach a lesson to any bullies at that school. She gave Michael exactly what he deserved.

You can watch what she did in this video:

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