Teen Breaks Down After Mom Has 6,000 Tumors Removed From Her Body In Life-Changing Surgery

In life, we often take for granted the ease of grabbing out purses, jumping in the car and heading to go shopping.  It’s easy there is no one staring, making gestures or remarks.  But for some there are medical conditions that make these short trips painful and full of strangers staring.  When a condition affects a person’s appearance that person can become distant and secluded.  After all, our appearance dictates other people’s opinions of us.

For Libby Huffer,  this was a reality.  She was was born with neurofibromatosis type 1. It’s a genetic disorder which leads to the formation of hard, non-cancerous tumors all over a person’s body – resulting in an appearance which caused her to be branded a “toad” by cruel bullies when she was at school.

“I can’t even go for groceries without someone saying, ‘What’s that all over you?’ or pointing at me with their kids saying, ‘Look at her,'” she said. “Someday, it would be wonderful not to have to worry about how I look, or what clothes will hide my bumps.”

Over the years she has had over 10 surgeries to remove the tumors or even just to ease the chronic pain she suffers due to them.  But nothing has ever made a difference.  That is until she made an appearance on The Doctors , where the surgeons kindly provided her surgery free of charge.

After numerous visits the tumors were removed.  Now Libby can hug her daughter without any pain and she looks amazing. Miracles do happen.

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