Terrified, Sick Shelter Dog Looks Totally Different After Rescuers Show Him Some Love

When Blue first arrived at a Texas shelter this past May, he was in very rough shape. He was missing several patches of fur and did not want anyone to get close to him. This German shepherd was going to need some help and the team at Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue was more than happy to provide it to him. They saw the potential in him and wanted to help bring it out.

They also rescued his sister Roxanne. Their goal was to make sure that both of the dogs found a home before it was too late. Each dog was taken to the animal hospital for a checkup. Unfortunately, Blue was found to have a potentially deadly virus. Parvovirus is commonly found in dogs and it can be fatal if it is not treated within the proper amount of time.

It must be treated in a timely manner if the dog is going to avoid such a fate. When the diagnosis first came in, the rescue workers were not sure if their pal was going to make it. Roxanne was safe, though. From there, she was placed in a Virginia foster home so that she would not contract the virus. Blue needed to spend a month in the hospital before he recovered.

In time, he was able to move to Virginia as well. Julia Downer was eventually drawn to Blue and she knew that she had to adopt him. There was something about his face that she could not ignore. Roxanne had already found a foster family and Julia admits that she essentially begged the shelter to let her become Blue’s foster parent.

Once Blue arrived at her house, Julia knew that raising him would be a tough task. He had shut down and was not the same dog that he had been in the past. Her other two dogs, Koda and Simba, were instrumental in assisting Blue. They helped him to realize that Julia was safe. After awhile, they discovered that Blue loves to chase tennis balls around.

Julia held onto Blue until the perfect mother finally came along this past spring. The rescue team is happy that Blue has located a forever home and they could not be happier with how things turned out. He was always a friendly dog deep down and thanks to the help of these special people, Blue is now back to being the dog everyone always knew he could be.

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