These Cat-Shaped Sandals From Japan Will Keep Your Feet Feline Fine This Summer

For anyone who may not be familiar with Japan’s traditional geta sandals, they are a blend of beach flip-flops and Dutch clogs. While the traditional footwear comes in a variety of different styles, the Nara-based shoe brand Nara Getaya‘s are receiving a contemporary twist – they’re shaped like cats! And what is even better, is that the company has recently updated their line of cat-shaped geta sandals to feature new designs, just in time for summer.

The super-cute Nyara Geta line is a cleverly portmanteau take of Nya (the Japanese word for “meow”) and Nara (where the sandals are made). The collection has 9 different cat designs featured, including black, tabby, and Russian blue. There’s also a new style called hachiware, which is a term used to describe cat markings where the fur on their forehead resembles the kanji character hachi, meaning the number 8 (八). No matter which color or marking design you may pick, each pair features cute little cat ears in front of your toes and a tiny little tail peeking out from behind your heels.

And rather than the traditional wood, the quirky cat sandals are made out of a sturdy but soft material that is also shock-resistant, called EVA. This makes them practical for both outdoor and indoor use. Most of the designs have avalaibility for both adults and children. This means that anyone can wear the super cute, kawaii style.

The entire Nyara Geta collection can be viewed and purchased through Nara Getaya’s online shop. Each pair of sandals costs 3,780 yen, which when converted, is $35 USD.

The perfect pair of sandals for the crazy cat person in your life, don’t you think?

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