This Avocado-Shaped Pool Float Has A Removable Pit For Double The Fun

Avocado certainly seems to be in style these days and it is quite a hit with some popular dishes. They seem to go with almost anything and it doesn’t matter if you are making them into guacamole, spreading them on a piece of toast or just eating them with salt, they are a delicious treat.

Avocados are more than a great snack, however, they are also a part of our popular culture as well. It just seems as if they keep getting more popular as the years go by.

If you happen to have been bitten by the avocado bug, there is something you are not going to want to pass up. It is an avocado-shaped pool float that is certain to turn your millennial heart into mush.

If floating around on the water on an avocado-shaped float isn’t enough for you, there is also a beach ball included. It is the pit in the middle that is completely removable. How’s that for fantastic?

Imagine the scene at your next outing. Somebody could be floating around on the water, blissfully unaware of the world around them while their friends (or kids) can be enjoying an active game with the avocado pit.

This thing is taking versatility to the next level.

This isn’t just some type of cheesy inflatable toy. The avocado-shaped pool float is getting great reviews on Amazon!

One reviewer called it “the ultimate millennial pool float” and their only complaint was that there wasn’t a ‘toast float to go along with it’.

Others were gushing over its adorable shape and the ability to lie back comfortably once you are on the inside.

Currently, the float is being sold for $21.59 on Amazon.

Are you ready to take your fun to the next level this summer? If you are, don’t even think about going near the water without an avocado pool float by your side.

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