This Common Grass Could Be Potentially Lethal To Pets

If you are anything like us, you love to watch your pets frolic in the grass. Their carefree nature is certainly a lot of fun to watch. However, there are experts who are warning pet parents against allowing their fur babies to play in the grass like this. Vets are now issuing this important warning and pet owners will definitely want to read on and learn more.

There is a taller grass that can cause a pet to become injured. In a worst case scenario, this grass can even be fatal. This grass is known as ‘foxtail’. Pet owners everywhere need to remain on high alert when it comes to this grass. It is found in the western part of the country primarily. The tips of the grass are very pointy. Pets who do not know any better may endanger their soft tissue.

The grass can become lodged inside of the pet’s body without their knowledge. In these cases, the damage can be done before the owner even has a chance to assist their pet. Pets who have been injured by this grass will typically experience painful abscesses that seem to arrive out of nowhere. Seed awns drill their way into the skin, causing an immense amount of pain.

That sounds like something that we would like to avoid. A dog may show various signs of exposure to this grass. If the animal is pawing at their own eyes, shaking their head violently or experiencing infections, these are all signs of foxtail grass exposure. A dog that has upright ears or longer hair is going to be more susceptible to the dangers of this grass.

Owners must remain as vigilant as possible. After all, we are the ones who are responsible for their health and well being. If we do not take the time to protect our dogs, who will? Be sure to pay close attention when the dog is being exposed to tall grass. Open fields, mountain trails, vacant lots, roadsides and landfills are all problematic areas for your pup.

We must also take the time to pass this story along to all of the dog owners that we know. These are the stories that need to be shared. You never know, you just might be saving one lucky dog’s life in the process. If you are looking to learn more about this grass and the effect that it can have on your dog, take a moment to check out the clip below.

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