Two Cops Break Into The Wrong House And See Christmas Tree Covered With Officers’ Names

The magic of the holiday season is currently in the air. As Christmas draws near, we are starting to see more and more stories about the good deeds that are taking place. Some of the stories that we have heard so far have been amazing. There are a wide range of wonderful people who are looking to make the holiday season a bit brighter for their fellow men.

We could never get our fill of these stories and this one is no exception. These are the gestures that move us to tears. In a year where American citizens have begun to voice their distrust for police officers more often than ever, it is important to remember that there are many good officers who are more than happy to protect and serve their community.

While most of these officers would not ask for any sort of special treatment, it is always great to see someone taking time out of their day to recognize their efforts. Two officers stopped at a home that contained a memorial to their services. They had not even meant to stop at that home. It was an accidental stop that turned into something even deeper.

When they took a closer look at her Christmas tree, they noticed that it only had silver and blue ornaments. The officers just so happened to stop by right after she finished it. The woman had taken the time to write down the names of all the officers who had lost their lives in the line of the duty this year. From there, she assigned each of them with their own ornament.

The tree has been dubbed the “Tree of Honor” and we cannot think of a better name for it. The woman had even thought to look up the names of the K9 officers that had passed away in the line of duty. We cannot believe the effort that she was willing to put in and we would like to take this time to express our deepest level of gratitude for what she has done.

While the ongoing conversation about the tactics that are used by some of our nation’s lesser officers will remain a topic of discussion, we are glad to see that the officers who gave their all to protect their neighborhoods are receiving their just dues. Please share this story with your closest friends and loved ones today.

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