Uber Driver Drops Passengers Off At Airport, Then Returns to Their Home to Burglarize Them

It’s good to be optimistic about the things that we do on a day-to-day basis but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should throw all caution to the wind. After all, we often have to rub shoulders with strangers and we never quite know about their scruples, especially when we are only looking at what we see on the surface.

Unscrupulous is probably exactly how you would describe the person in this story. They were providing a service, an Uber ride to be specific for some customers who were traveling and needed to be dropped off at the airport. Not long afterward, the security camera at their home caught him as he was trying to burglarize them. Fortunately, the alarm scared him off.

It happened in San Mateo, California and the passengers were renting an Airbnb. When they called for an Uber driver, Jackie Gordon Wilson showed up to take them to the San Francisco International Airport. Not long afterward, security alarms were going off at the home where they were staying and he fled the scene.

He may have been frightened from that area but he was not deterred from his mission. He just drove to a different area and broke into somebody else’s home in broad daylight. The Ring camera system saw the entire event and recorded his actions. That couple then talked to the local news.

“He tore apart the whole house, tossed everything. Every piece of furniture moved. He opened my safe.”

“Family heirlooms that I’m really, really hoping I can get back. . .They’re from my grandmother and go back all the way to the Holocaust. So, if that’s lost…To him that was just something for him to just pawn off. To me, that was a memory of my grandmother.”

After the video footage was shared online, the owner of the Airbnb noticed Wilson and said that he drove for Uber and tried to break into his house. They then verified Wilson and identified him as the Uber driver. The police were also privy to this information.

This video is more than just an interesting look behind the scenes, it is a warning. In fact, the homeowners are telling people to be cautious and avoid using a ridesharing service. The drivers are often the ones who are depicted as being a victim of crime but more and more of them are also being accused of committing crimes as well.

You can read the safety tips for riders but, quite honestly, the screening process and background checks for the drivers are seriously lacking. Just keep in mind that they are technology firms that built the apps to help you get a ride.

It is a fairly new industry so there are very few regulations and laws in place as of yet. It has even been described as ‘hitchhiking with strangers’, and we can see the logic behind that statement. It can be a big help when you need to get somewhere but you just never know who is in the car when you open the door.

They may be using it to check out your home as a potential robbery location. Wilson ended up arrested by the police at his home, which is two hours from the area where he provided the ride. There were also some items from the San Mateo robbery that were at his house.

You can learn more about the case in this local news report:

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