UPS Driver Hears Woman Screaming ‘Help’. Cops Break Down Door And See Him In A Cage

If you are anything like the rest of us, then you have seen various movies about people who are placed in situations that allow them to be heroic. We often find ourselves imagining these types of scenarios in our own lives and wondering if we would have what it takes to do the right thing. One UPS driver was recently placed in just such a scenario.

He was given the chance to either stand up to the evildoers or turn tail and run away. Lee does not have to wonder any longer. When given the opportunity to make a choice, he made the right call. Luckily, the situation did not turn out as poorly as it could have for the driver. He was out delivering packages on his Oregon route one day when he heard a disconcerting noise coming from inside of a home.

The sound of a woman frantically calling for help made Lee freeze in his tracks. He was concerned about the matter and did not know quite what to do. Lee picked up the phone and contacted his wife, as any other man would in this type of situation. He let her know that the voice sounded odd to him and that he wanted to assist the woman in any way that he could.

Once Lee hung up the phone, his wife decided to contact the police. The cops arrived on the scene and what they found next will definitely surprise you. The officers were prepared for any problem that might come their way, yet what they discovered could barely be classified as a problem at all. The noise that was believed to be coming from a woman in distress was actually coming from a parrot!

The parrot’s name is Diego and the bird was not in any sort of immediate danger. The officers were thankful that no one was in trouble and laughed the incident off. Susan is Diego’s owner and she says that this isn’t the first time he has attempted to stir up a little bit of trouble. One of the bird’s favorite phrases to say? “Help me!”

While Diego’s mischief did cause a bit of a stir, all’s well that ends well. Lee is able to sleep soundly knowing that he did the right thing and these officers are able to share a hearty laugh back at the precinct. Please share this hilarious story with your friends and loved ones.

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