Vet Frees Chained Horse, Not Expecting The Horse’s Next Move To ‘Thank Him’

This wild horse was left to fend for themselves after being bound up with chains. This is not a fate that any wild animal should ever have to experience. It breaks our heart to see people interfering with nature in such a callous manner. More and more animals are experiencing this fate and we shudder to think of all the wild horses that are currently trapped in captivity.

These animals deserve to be able to run around and have fun without being treated this way, dang it. The horse in this story was chained up so tightly, his skin had become highly irritated. Four Paws International finally decided to intervene. Ovidiu Rosu was not going to let the horse go out like this. Rosu was finally able to loosen the horse’s chains.

What happened next was completely unexpected, though. The skin was going to need some medical attention. Fortunately, these wounds were not as bad as you would think, considering the amount of time that the horse was chained up for. The horse was also very thankful to Rosu for taking the time to set him free. There are not many people who would have been willing to do so.

We cannot even imagine how Rosu might have felt when the horse expressed his gratitude. This is the sort of moment that sticks with a person forever. When the horse was finally freed, he marched right up to Rosu to tell him how he felt. Can you believe that the horse actually gave him a big, wet kiss? This is not something that most of us would expect a horse to do.

However, they are some of the most emotionally intelligent creatures on the planet. They know when someone is looking out for them and they know when someone truly cares. We just hope that this horse is able to live out the rest of his life without having to worry about the presence of cumbersome humans. People need to learn how to leave wildlife alone.

If you appreciated this story as much we did, be sure to share it with the animal lovers that you know. Rosu definitely deserves to be commended for stopping to help this horse. Thanks to the good folks at Four Paws International, this horse will no longer have to spend his days in confinement. Let’s all do our part to raise awareness about stories like these by sharing away!

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