Wife Admits Her Husband Rules May Be ‘A Bit Harsh’ But The Internet Thinks They Are Crazy

A woman in Australia has given the Internet a peek behind the scenes in her married life by sharing it on social media. It includes some rather strict rules that she forces her husband to follow.

She does admit that the rules may be ‘a bit harsh’, but the Internet goes much further and says that they are crazy!

‘Rosiee’ posted this list of demands on a Facebook group and asked for some honest opinions about the list.

It wasn’t long before the comments started pouring in. There were more than 1000, mainly negative comments that showed up quickly.

Here is the original message so you can form your own opinion.

“I am rewriting my list of rules for my husband, [I] was told my first lot was a bit harsh. What do you think of these, honest opinions please as [I] really want to be fair. Is there any more [I] should add?

No female friends

No social media

No Male friends with partners. Must be single males only.

Must work minimum 50 hours a week

No smoking

Can drink but only 2 times a year or less and not get drunk

No Playstation/game machines

No p*rn

Must keep house clean at all times

No going out without me”

Many of us may live with some rather strict rules in our relationships but let’s face it, some of these rules are above and beyond.

As an example, if you work 50 hours per week, you are going to have at least a few female friends or coworkers.

For those who are suspicious of your husband’s male friends, you might think that single friends are more likely to cause problems than married friends.

What does it mean, “No going out without me?” Does that mean out to dinner, out to the store? We need details!

Many people who saw this post had their own questions about the rules.

“This is your husband right?” asked one person. “I don’t think he agreed to be your slave when you married him.”

“Good luck trying to keep a man with those rules,” said another, “lonely life.”

Perhaps the most reasonable comment came from one user who said: “You can’t do this to another human and expect to be happy – people who are happily married don’t need [a] rules list, their boundaries are already respected.”

“You guys are adults, this is supposed to be your trusted companion.”

Well said.

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