Will Poulter Dressed As Sid From ‘Toy Story’ And It’s the Best Halloween Costume Ever

If there is one movie that tugs on the heartstrings more than any other, it has to be Toy Story.

It didn’t take long before Buzz, Woody and the rest of the characters became family favorites. Their mishaps and adventures in all three of the Toy Story movies captured the hearts of audiences around the world. They were lots of fun to watch but it also followed the theme of growing up and how sometimes, it can have unexpected effects.

Many people consider Toy Story 3 to be one of the most touching animated films ever made. It shows the bond between the toys and their owner, Andy, who has now grown up and is about to go off to college. He is leaving all of his toys behind in the process.

One of the Toy Story characters that is more likely to invoke fear rather than fondness is the next-door neighbor, a bully named Sid.

He was the neighbor kid that just seemed to have some psychological issues that came out from time to time. For example, he did some rather alarming experiments on many of the toys that he had, which included chopping some of them up and gluing the pieces onto each other.

If I could take your mind away from those memories for a moment, you might have heard that Will Poulter, the star of The Maze Runner and We are the Millers has often been compared to Sid because of the way he looks.

Some may say that it is because of Sid’s sadistic behavior but last year, Will Poulter took things to the next level by dressing up as Sid for Halloween. He also did so for a good cause, as he pointed out on Twitter:

“This Halloween I thought I should respond to the comparisons with Disney Pixar’s biggest bully next door and go as Sid from Toy Story.

“In addition to having a laugh at my expense I wanted to try and raise some attention for a cause I am an ambassador for @antibullyingpro.

“As this month is Bullying Prevention Month in the USA and anti-bullying week in the UK is just around the corner, I would really appreciate it if you could please give them a follow before you like or share and help support the cause to make school a safer and happier place for young people.”

His fans loved what he was doing. One of them wrote: “i absolutely adore u. not only did u do what ur fans wanted but u also support an amazing project. you’re truly so kind-hearted will [sic]”, while another added, “This is the best costume And raising awareness for a good cause too!”

It’s great to see a celebrity step up to the plate and get behind a cause every once in a while. Will is one of those people.

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