Woman Adopted Puppy Nobody Wanted, But Soon Learned It Was No Ordinary Dog

Those of us who have dogs in our lives already realize that they can be pretty special. Like humans, they have a unique personality and they provide lots of love, along with some entertainment along the way. Every once in a while, however, you hear about a dog that has a little extra something. It seems as if Penny is just such an animal.

Penny was living on the streets when she went to an animal shelter. She was shuffled around from one family to another, and none of them had any idea just how brilliant she was. That is when Lenora came along.

One of the issues that Penny faced is the fact that her owners, regardless of who they were, didn’t really take the time to play with her. She felt as if she didn’t have a real friend so she started doing things to keep herself busy. By the time Penny joined Lenora’s family, she was already learning commands. Bit by bit, Lenora began to recognize she had a genius pup on her hands.

Did you ever try to teach a dog to sit and they just don’t get it? That wasn’t the case with Penny. Lenora tried three times to teach her and by that point, she had mastered it. Other commands came easily as well and by the time Penny was eight months old, she was a master of many dog tricks. Lenora began to wonder just how far she could take Penny’s intelligence.

Lenora bought block letters because she wanted to see if it was possible for Penny to recognize shapes. She wasn’t surprised when Penny showed real interest. It wasn’t long before Penny learned how to spell her name.

Without Lenora’s guidance, Penny may not have developed this unique talent. Her story is beautiful because it shows that great things can come in small packages. Look at the video below and you will see exactly what I mean:

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