Woman Asks Shelter For Oldest, Hardest-To-Adopt Dog After Losing Her Husband And Dog

Animal shelters often face an uphill battle when it comes to getting people to adopt certain pets, so when a mind blowing story like this one takes place, it is only right that we share it with as wide of an audience as possible. Shelter workers are subjected to a sizable amount of misery and that is why stories like these are so important. It is very rare that they are able to experience moments of happiness.

One California shelter recently had a shocking experience, as one woman walked in and specifically asked them if she could take home their oldest dog who was least likely to find a family to love them. Melani was taken to meet her new buddy Jake and the dog’s sweet nature was immediately evident to the kind woman. As you can tell from the photos, the two were a perfect match.

All dogs are in need of our love and affection and while we all love puppies dearly, these puppies eventually grow old. In a society that does not place the proper level of emphasis on respecting elders, it is great to see a senior woman and a senior dog become such fast friends. Melani is certainly a hero, whether she would consider herself one or not.

So why did this woman insist on taking home the oldest dog that was most difficult to love? Her decision was spurred by the difficulties she was experiencing in her personal life, as her husband had passed away. To make matters even worse, her dog passed away one month after her husband did and she knew that she would need a new companion.

Jake is enjoying a great life with Melani and the two love each other’s company. They take regular walks around the neighborhood and they also get nice and cozy in Melani’s fleece blanket. Her plan is to make sure that Jake’s twilight years are as comfy as possible and thanks to her efforts, this pup is going to enjoy a peaceful existence for the rest of his days.

This wonderful woman’s story needs to be shared and we are proud of her for taking a chance on a dog that no one else would have ever considered. Please share this story, so that we can raise awareness about the importance of adopting older animals and have more great stories like this one to tell.

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