Woman Buys New Puppy From A Newspaper Ad, Soon Realizes She’s Made A Huge Mistake

When we see adorable kittens and puppies, we have to resist the temptation to immediately adopt them. While adopting a cute animal on the spot may seem like an awesome idea, there is much more to the process than we realize. Pet adoption should not ever be done on impulse. Even if you are someone who considers yourself to be a kindhearted person, it is still in your best interests to take your time before making such a big decision.

Pet owners may think that they are doing themselves a favor by bringing home the animals when they are at a young age. Trigger the puppy is an example of what can happen when you are not truly prepared. His owner made the purchase on a total whim. She never could have known what she was about to get herself into! She was in over her head before she even knew what hit her.

She purchased the puppy after seeing an advertisement for him in the newspaper. She even shelled out 300 dollars for the privilege of taking him home. From the looks of the newspaper photo, he was just another dog. Trigger was a very bright dog who could socialize easily. He was also a wolf-dog hybrid and this is something that his owner did not take as seriously as they should have.

The owner was given warnings about wolf-dogs by the person they obtained Trigger from. But it was clear to see that they did not know what they were getting themselves into. Within five months, Trigger had chewed a hole in a wall and gotten into several conflicts with her other dog. After doing some research, the owner realized that the animal was never going to be happy with her.

She made the decision to give Trigger away to a special sanctuary for animals like him. It was difficult for him to integrate himself into the other packs at first. Eventually, he made a very special friend by the name of Spartacus. Spartacus was a wolf-dog just like him. He had also been sent to the sanctuary after escaping a tumultuous living environment.

Now that they have both found their perfect counterpart, the dogs are happy and loving life. Sometimes, all it takes is finding someone just like you to make everything click into place. This is one of the most heartwarming stories that we’ve seen in a while. Please share it with your closest friends and loved ones immediately.

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