Woman Can’t Decide Which Neglected Dog To Save So She Buys The Entire Shelter

Danielle Eden is one of the most selfless women that we have ever known. This Ontario resident is responsible for the creation of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. When dogs are looking for a life outside of their cages, they are taken to her sanctuary. She has over 50 acres for the dogs to enjoy and they love to frolic on the property that she is able to provide.

She is married to a man named Rob and they both hail from Israel. They return home every so often to rescue more dogs. The grateful animals are beyond happy to receive a second chance. They take the time to look for the animals that are most in need of help. If the dogs have disabilities or are struggling to find a forever home, Danielle and Rob have got them covered.

The process can be tough. It is heart wrenching to see so many dogs in need. Danielle and Rob cannot even save all of the dogs that they would like to. They have to prioritize accordingly. Three years ago, the couple embarked on one of their routine visits. This couple has seen a lot of dogs in distress during the course of their lives. Nothing could have prepared them for this trip, however.

They were absolutely floored by what they saw. The shelter that they visited contained 250 dogs, despite the fact that it was clearly built to assist a much smaller number of animals. The dogs were struggling to find food. The floor was covered in mud. Some of the cages contained up to six dogs. They were forced to fight with one another for basic necessities.

The shelter was infested with rats as well. Danielle decided that she would need to rescue all of the animals. The shelter was purchased outright! From there, the next big step was making sure that they got back to Canada.

It took several months but the dogs were finally transported to a safer location. The video that Danielle shared from her trip went viral.

People were stunned to see the conditions that these dogs were forced to live in. The adoption applications came pouring in shortly thereafter. The majority of the dogs have been adopted over the course of the past three years.

Thanks to the help of Danielle, the dogs have found the homes that they deserve. Please be sure to share this awesome story with your closest friends and loved ones!

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