Woman Finds Tiny Ring Hidden In Her Boyfriend’s Nightstand And Posts It To A Ring-Shaming Group

Ask anyone, expert or not, about what really makes a marriage and you will likely hear that there is much more to it than the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon, or the ring. That being said, there are many people who also think that it has everything to do with the ring! That is where the ring shaming groups come in.

It has recently become a popular phenomenon and has spread online. Women post pictures and information about their ring, hoping to air their grievances because they did not get the ring that they felt they deserved. That is what one woman recently did, but it didn’t go quite as she would have expected.

I’m sure she was surprised when she heard the following:

The user comments were very telling and they just continued to pop up:

@ – This is the saddest thing I’ve seen. It’s one thing when it’s a total stranger, but when someone that’s supposed to love you unconditionally acts like a grifter it’s just plain sad.

@ – I sold a $12,000 ring to a guy and helped him plan the proposal. He returned the ring two weeks later because she said the diamond was too small

@ – I hate people like this, I really wish I could sit each one of them down and tell them how embarrassed I am for their parents

@ – My boyfriend could literally propose with a ring made of grass and I’d probably wear it. Love has nothing to do with expensive jewelry.

@ – That is a f**king beautiful ring WTF is wrong with her

@ – It looks pretty though? I don’t understand this lady

@ – I mean, to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of that style of ring either. And I can also understand why you’d want a ring that you like if you’re going wear it for the rest of your life. But, come on. How can a person be that ungrateful?! Her poor boyfriend probably had to save up a lot of money to get that ring. Those aren’t exactly small diamonds. Poor guy!

@ – This is a gorgeous ring. I would love to be presented with this but, to be honest, my husband could propose to me with a twist tie from a loaf of bread and I would be perfectly content

@ – I hope you saw the post and never proposed

@ – Dude needs to go get something else. Because she’s not worth living with for the rest of your life. Or the next five minutes

@ – Honestly, her saying no would be the best thing to happen to the person who’s planning to propose

@ – Showing this post to him would actually be the best thing
“I snooped through your s**t without you knowing, decided you’re inadequate. I need better material goods, that’s what matters to me. Fetch b**ch.”
She can watch the love pour in

@ – “I found this and don’t like it”
“that’s okay, it was my grandmother’s ring and I’m saving it for the right person, you’re not her”

@ – I bought my ex a $16K ring and she admitted to me that she was disappointed that the diamond wasn’t larger, hahaha… Yeah…

@ – Plot twist, it’s not for her

@ – If I’m reading this correctly, there is a whole group for ring shaming? Jesus, what miserable people

@ – She should say no and set the poor guy free rather than be saddled with her…

@ – Just watch. It will have been his mother’s ring. She died when he was seven and her last words to him were to find a good person who would accept this modest ring that his father worked 2 years of overtime to buy

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