Woman Loses 100 Pounds By Intermittent Fasting 5 Days A Week – See Her Today

What do you think it was like to try and lose weight before the Internet and social media came around? You couldn’t simply type in your query and hope that you come up with the right answer. You actually had to go get a book and read it.

In today’s world, we don’t tend to give ourselves the luxury of taking the time to read books on every subject but we do get the fast information we need, anytime we need it. It doesn’t matter what you want to ask, it seems as if somebody has the answer out there. Social media also comes into play on everything from what to wear to what to eat.

Besides the day to day activities you see on social media, you can also learn something about making life changes.

That is where Tanique Johnson comes in. She was only 23 years old and had severe problems with her knees because she was 286 pounds. Her doctor weighed her and she realized that a change was necessary. She didn’t go out and hire a nutritionist or personal trainer, however, she turned to Instagram for an answer.

“I started working out at home by following Instagram videos posted by various trainers and eating more vegetables (and less junk food)—seriously, that’s it,” Tanique said. “For the first time, I was sticking to a healthier lifestyle and stopped making excuses.”

She also learned about intermittent fasting on Instagram. It’s a health and weight loss method that keeps you from eating during certain periods of time. It is said that it allows you to lose weight more easily so she decided to give it a try.

“I fast between 6 p.m. and 12 p.m., during which time I typically stick to black coffee and water with lemon,” she said. “After that, I’ll break my fast with the healthy eating habits I taught myself (lots of veggies and protein, fewer carbs).”

A typical day of eating for Tanique includes a cheese omelet with spinach and avocado for breakfast, a protein shake, some nuts and fruit for lunch and then chicken with broccoli for dinner. She also was able to get beyond her sweet tooth and skip dessert, thanks to the intermittent fasting.

“I found that the fasting has helped curb my cravings,” she says. “It’s allowed me to mindfully consider whether I want to eat just because I’m stressed or because I’m truly hungry.”

She also started an Instagram account on healthy living to keep herself accountable. When she works out at home, she shoots a video and posts it to her account. She also uses the MyFitness Pal app to track her meals and exactly what she is eating.

All in all, Tanique has dropped 100 pounds. She now weighs in at 185 pounds and plans on losing 15 more. She gives Instagram credit for what she has accomplished.

“Though I’m still working on the mental aspects including self-doubt that come with change (sometimes it’s easier to change your body than your mind), I feel more proud every day of what I’ve been able to do, and show others they can do, too,” she says.

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