Woman With Missing Limb Tries To Fist Bump Boy – Never Anticipating His Response

While there are some people out there who like to pretend that they do not care about fitting in, the reality is that most of us enjoy feeling as if we belong. It is the sort of feeling that we can take for granted. That is what makes this story such a special one. This toddler saw the chance for a true human connection and was ready to seize it.

We all have moments like this throughout the course of our lives. The little boy you are about to meet noticed that he shared a special similarity with a perfect stranger. Instead of keeping it to himself, he decided that he would rather reach out for a hug instead. The Lucky Fin Project is the organization that is responsible for this touching moment.

The Lucky Fin Project prides themselves on connecting those with limb differences. These differences can often cause people to become alienated and it can be tough to find others who are in the same situation. Joseph Tidd was enjoying himself but he wanted to make sure that he met everyone he needed to before it was too late.

This adorable little boy deserves a great big hug, doesn’t he? When he found a woman who possessed the very same abnormality that he has, he could not resist saying hello. The woman does not have a right arm and Joseph is without his left. When this woman saw the boy approaching her, she decided that she would lift the limb, so that he could bump fists with her.

This was not enough of a welcome for Joseph, though. He wanted to make sure that he gave this woman a big hug and we are swooning. The connection that these two felt was an immediate one. There is nothing quite like meeting someone who is just like you, especially when you are as unique as Joseph is. Amy let him know that he is not alone in this world.

That is all that matters, isn’t it? We all like to feel as if we have kindred spirits in this world. Life can be hard and the world is often a lonely place. That is what makes Joseph such a special little boy. His heartwarming reaction to meeting someone just like him is too cute for words. Be sure to take a closer look at this touching clip and take a moment to pass it along!

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