Woman Shares Before And After Pictures Of What A Groomer Did To Her Dog

There is often anxiety that is associated with taking our dog to the groomer. They may have some issues, such as hair growing out of control or knots in their fur. Let’s face it, we all want our dog to look perfect for the pictures we post to Instagram but there is a degree of risk that goes with taking any animal to a groomer.

Perhaps most of the anxiety comes from the level of trust that we have with the groomer. What if they accidentally cut the dog’s nails too short or what if they don’t care for your little friend in the same way you would care for them? There is even the possibility that the dog could get cut if the groomer isn’t careful.

When we have a dog in our life, it is more like we have a baby than a pet. We want to trust the groomer to do the right thing but even though they may be trained, accidents are bound to happen.

We always imagine the worst when it comes to grooming accidents but it isn’t always a cut or any type of physical damage that takes place. In fact, one of the most common accidents is a bad haircut and it can change the way that your dog looks altogether.

Imagine going to a barber and telling them to take ‘just a little off the top’ and walking out with a crew cut? The same can happen to dogs and typically, you aren’t there to watch it happen.

A woman named Alyssa experienced such a situation when she took her little white dog in for a haircut. She was a little apprehensive but she knew that a little trim would be just what was needed to keep her little friend as cute as a button.

By the time she picked the dog up from the groomer, she had a hard time believing it was the same animal. The groomer hacked off more fur than she thought possible, making the little fluffy dog look like a completely different breed.

Her before-and-after pictures were posted on Twitter with the following caption: “The groomer did him dirty.”

Apparently, Alyssa wasn’t the only person to have ever experienced the problem. People went nuts over the Tweet and it went viral with more than 175,000 likes and 50,000 shares. Thousands of people showed up to express their feelings on the matter.

“Poor guy, it’s basically animal abuse,” someone wrote, followed by someone else writing, “If I were him I’d run the next time he sees me grab the scissors!”

Some people also had some rather humorous things to say about the ‘after photo’. “He looks like a chicken that is half way through with getting his feathers plucked LMAO.”

The majority of those who commented wanted to share their own bad experiences through pictures they left on the thread. They hoped that doing so would make her feel better.

“The same thing happened to my dog once! My mom sent me the pictures in class and I almost had to leave because I was laughing too hard,” someone wrote.

Hopefully, Alyssa was able to get a chuckle out of those comments, perhaps even learning to laugh at her own situation. After all, it’s still her dog and given time, the fur will grow back.

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