Woman Snaps Photos Of A Shark Lurking Near Swimmers Who Had No Idea

This story asks a very important existential question. If you were out on the water and those waters were shark infested, would you want someone to tell you? This is something that we grapple with all of the time. We know that there are various creatures lurking below the surface. However, we would prefer to live in a state of blissfully ignorance in this regard.

Who would want to know? Ginger Gilmer decided that these people might want to become more aware. She was in Cherry Grove, South Carolina at the time. The woman was perched on the balcony when she saw the sharks in question. It is much easier to see such things when you are 15 stories up! When she took the photos, she knew that the swimmers had no clue as to what was going on.

Why I go to the beach to get in the pool! SHARKS!!!! Not one person had an idea of what was lurking around them. Can’t…

Posted by Ginger Gilmer on Friday, June 14, 2019

They were out for a dip and did not know that they had company. The astonishing spectacle definitely needed to be shared with others. That’s why she elected to share the photos with her friends on Facebook. From there, it was time to pass them along even further. It was not long before they went viral. Anyone who is even a little afraid of sharks could relate to this one.

In case no one was able to see, she marked the photos clearly. We are cackling at the arrows and captions. “Why I go to the beach to get in the pool!” was her caption and it was appropriate. Some of us may never be able to swim at the beach without checking over our shoulders again. She knew that the people were totally oblivious to what was happening.

She does not allow the sharks to diminish her enjoyment of the beach, though. This is one woman who knows how to have a good time regardless. She has “mad respect” for these sharks. We must concur. These predators may be scary to some but those who know them best are aware of their awesome power. They have been placed in the right location.

After all, God always knows exactly what he’s doing. He is not someone who is going to place sharks in the wrong spot. Shark attacks may take place from time to time but that’s why we need to be more careful. When you are at the beach, you are on the sharks’ turf. Proceed accordingly. Please share this incredible set of photos with your friends and loved ones.

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