Woman Wakes Up In Hospital And Looks Down By Her Bed To Find Her Service Dog In 4 Months

When a person has a service dog, they share a bond that is amazingly close. In effect, the service dog becomes an extension of the human they care for.

They may act as the eyes or ears of their human counterpart or they may perform any number of other services. The benefits that they provide are undeniable and they enhance the life of the human in ways most of us can’t imagine.

“Service dogs are always great pets because they not only provide company and joy to the people who they work with but also serve as great friends. The beautiful relationship with the service dog can be established in no time that help the people who are physically not fit and have some disability,” United Service Dog explains. “According to a survey, more than 200,000 Americans depend on the company of service dogs in the United States who support them during their mental illness of chronic disability.”

Bailey Niccole found it difficult to be away from her service dog, Sydni. She was attached to that dog in a very special way. Unfortunately, Bailey had to stay in a hospital in Texas City, Texas for quite some time.

Sydni was not allowed to go in the hospital room so they were separated for 4 months. When they brought Sydni to her while she was in the hospital, it completely overwhelmed her. It was the sweetest surprise.

A friend or family member who was in the hospital room secretly filmed the heartwarming reunion. At first, Bailey is just answering some questions but then everything changes in a moment.

As soon as she saw her beloved service dog, she broke down in tears. Sydni jumps up against the hospital bed so he can get a closer look at Bailey. His tail is wagging so fast!

By this point, Bailey is crying like a baby and it is a beautiful thing to watch.

In the meantime, Sydni is providing plenty of doggy kisses for Bailey and you can hear the sound of his tail as it is hitting something because it is wagging so happily.

“Sydni,” Bailey calls out. “Sydni. Hi. Hi!”

Bailey receives a phone call and through happy tears, she explains what is taking place. In the meantime, Sydni jumps up on the bed with her.

“Sydni, I love you,” she tells her dog.

You can see the moment in this video:

Woman reunites with service dog after four months apart

This woman is about to be reunited with her service dog after four months apart ????????

Posted by VT on Thursday, November 22, 2018

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