Woman Warns Others After Dog Comes Limping Into The House

Dog owners who still like to take their pets outside during the cold weather months have a number of issues to contend with. This is especially true for pet owners in the United Kingdom. The region has been experiencing a sizable amount of frightful weather recently. Those who reside in the UK are now forced to grapple with the outcome of these storms.

Sarah and her dog Chase were out for a walk recently when they ran into an unusual problem. She is now using this incident to warn other dog owners, so that they can avoid the same dangers that she was forced to experience. The ice had rubbed Chase’s paws raw and he started to bleed. The pain became too unbearable for the dog to even continue walking.

She and her partner brought the dog to the vet’s office immediately. The paws were given the proper cleaning, the wounds were dressed and the animal was sent home to get some much needed rest. It was decided at this time that the dog would receive laser treatment. This is a great way to help the healing process along in these instances.

The vets believe that it will take Chase two weeks to fully heal. He is maintaining a calm demeanor throughout the duration of this ordeal. If his smile is anything to judge by, he is staying brave. Sarah is now passing the lesson along to all of the other pet owners who may not have been sure of what to do. Taking dogs outside is important…..but we must take the proper precautions.

She’s sharing the story in hopes of saving other pet owners from enduring the same sort of difficulties. We are glad that she is taking the time to do so. There are not many people out there who would be willing to let others know about these sorts of risks. Now, Chase is the proud owner of his very own pair of snow boots. He can run around outside to heart’s content.

No dog owner ever wants to see their animal in pain. Let’s all do our part and stop walking dogs when the temperatures have dipped. What may seem like a harmless practice to most is actually quite dangerous. Please be sure to take a closer look at the pet boots that are available. Maybe you can even allow your dog or cat to help pick them out?

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