You Can Be A Character In The New Season Of ‘Rick And Morty’ For Only $10

Fans of Rick and Morty have been anxiously waiting for the next installment to come out. It seems like it has been a while since the show has been updated.

If you are waiting for the next season to be released, you might want to consider actually being on the show. Of course, any Rick and Morty fan would love the opportunity to do so but it may be easier than you think.

Lead creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are giving fans the opportunity to be in the show as a new character in an upcoming episode. The price is actually easier to swallow than you think. All you have to do is make a $10 donation to charity.

2 different charities are part of this campaign, NEXT for AUTISM, and Bergen County’s United Way. Both of those are organizations that help those on the autism spectrum.

If you make a $10 donation and then win the drawing, you will get a plane ticket to Los Angeles and an opportunity to have a behind-the-scenes look at the production studio. You will also meet with the creators of the show.

In addition to those benefits, you will be given plenty of Rick and Morty merch and a new character will be created in your likeness that will show up in the background of an upcoming episode.

Dan Harmon is on the autism spectrum and he has talked about living with Aspergers. He was writing the character of Abed when he discovered he was autistic.

This is exciting news for Rick and Morty fans but it gets even better, Justin Roiland would like to make a Rick and Morty movie! It will be interesting to see how that one unfolds.

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