You can now become your cat by turning their photo into an incredibly realistic mask

Did you ever hear that some people tend to resemble their pets? There are plenty of pictures online to prove that theory.

In many cases, dog owners are the ones who look the most like their pets but cat owners tend to follow as a close second.

If you have a beloved cat and you don’t think you look enough like them, there is now something you can do about it. You can buy a custom-made cat mask from a creative Japanese planning office, Shindo Rinka.

Shindo Rinka and modeling workshop 91 have teamed up to provide a service that helps to turn customers into their feline companions.

This is perhaps the first time that a product is specifically aimed at crazy cat ladies but you don’t have to be crazy to enjoy what it has to offer.

It’s a fairly straightforward process. Simply take a picture of your cat and send it to Shindo Rinka. They will take care of the rest, including pulling $2,715 out of your pocket.

Once they receive your photo, sculptors will begin creating the cat mask. They reference the photo to make a 3-D furry model. They eventually work to create facial extremities and finer details by hand.

At that point, you just have to wait for the mask to arrive. You can then slip it on and become the perfect double to your feline companion.

You can inquire about purchasing the cat mask by using the contact form on their website. At this point, you will have to know Japanese and you might want to check if they offer international shipping before you sign on the dotted line.

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