You Can Now Buy Sparkly White Crocs To Wear On Your Wedding Day

There are many things to consider when it comes to getting ready for your wedding but footwear is something that is near the top of the list. It is certainly an important decision but sometimes it doesn’t get the attention it needs because of the flowers, cake and other decisions that need to be made. When you really stop to think about it, however, your shoes are what will make you comfortable and you will be in them for quite some time on that day. That is why many people are choosing sparkly crocs.

You have the option of wearing these under your wedding dress and, although it is a personal decision, it is one you would want to consider. You might also wear some fancy shoes for the ceremony and then switch into these sparkly crocs for the party at the reception.

Even though most people don’t necessarily consider wearing crocs for their wedding, it is a much better option than going barefoot. Make sure that you have a pair of these available for the big day.

Although they may be called Crocs, they are the typical footwear that you are accustomed to. After all, they have been bedazzled to match the festive occasion.

You can find them on the Princess Pumps Etsy shop.

They are going to set you back almost $100 but then again, it is your wedding.

There are also sequin covered crocs that are not white that can be worn by the rest of the bridal party. What could be better than sparkling footwear that matches while you are getting your hair and makeup done?

If you really want to stand out, you can buy crocs that are rainbow colored and bedazzled.

We know that crocs are not right for everyone so you may want to make the switch to a bedazzled sneaker, flat or heel. There are plenty of custom pieces available and they are perfect for every special event, from a wedding to a prom.

It also pays to be practical on occasion, including these Crocks with matching Fanny packs.

Admittedly, these might not be the nicest looking shoes but they have a practical advantage. If you happen to be a tourist, you can certainly get away with it.

What about a pair of high heeled Crocs? These have been available since 2015 but in 2017, they went viral online.

Crocs may not be as popular as they were in the past but they could still be a comfortable and appealing addition to your big day.

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