You Can Now Filter Dad’s Farts With These Charcoal Underwear Pads

While a completely normal body function, flatulence is still something that is frowned upon by the rest of society, especially in public spaces. So when you have bad pains and really need to let one rip, it can be very stress-inducing trying to find a solitary, quiet place to let one rip in peace.

According to medical doctors, the average person will pass as many as 5-15 farts per day. For those that find frequent flatulence a problem, there is now a solution. It’s called the Flatulence Deodorizer, and it is a charcoal-based pad that gets attached to your underwear and works to neutralize any gas odors. Created by a company called Flat-D Innovations Inc, the product’s website describes it as “wearing activated charcoal underwear but much more economical.”

Highlighting the idea that inspired the product, the website states, “The medical industry has long known the benefits of charcoal as an odor absorbing media. Charcoal is used for filtering liquids and gases from their harmful elements. Activated charcoal fabric is the latest technology in gaseous odor absorbency. It actually has the carbon embedded into the fabric.”

They further add, “Then when the textile is formed it is in every part of the structure. Other carbon types are less effective.” 

These make the perfect Father’s Day gift!

On the technology used in their product, the website further states, “The material we use is approximately 1/16th of an inch thick and can be washed repeatedly and still maintain its effectiveness. It comes laminated on both sides, with a thin polyester type material, which provides strength and durability. The material is breathable, lightweight, reusable, washable and easily installed. Due to its slim profile, the wearer is comfortably unaware of its presence.”

If there’s concerns surrounding the material used in the product and how that may affect a person’s skin, the company has assured that, “the material is very safe when worn touching the skin. There are no harmful side-effects either. You can use your own underwear and insert this when needed. It is hypoallergenic and in all of our tests we have not found anyone allergic to the material.”

The company has also said that “activated carbon acts much like a sponge absorbing water, except that the carbon absorbs the gaseous materials at a micro level. Activated charcoal holds onto the material it has absorbs quite well. There is no risk in the environment of usage that an active carbon filter will give up the material it has captured.”

Surprisingly, the product seems to have been used by a fair amount of people as the product reviews seem to be very positive. Already on Amazon, a customer named Maria wrote, “Makes it possible for me to continue sleeping in the same room with my husband! They work extremely well, but you do have to situate directly up to the bum. They don’t really work if you place between the cheeks and undies.”

Another user named Lilly wrote, “In my office, I am known as a notorious ‘crop-duster’ (slang for farting). I can’t help it. You can’t help what nature has intended your body to do. Plants even pass gas and we don’t complain about it; in fact we just plant more and are encouraged to so! Anyway, I bought about 10 of these with my last paycheck (sorry, Fluffy, you’re eating newspaper scraps for the next week), and my co-workers no longer complain about me and my ‘crop dusting.’”

Get them for your husband or dad for Father’s Day on Amazon.

Tell us, do you suffer from bad gas? Would you be willing to try this product?

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