You Can Now Go Camping And Do Yoga With Alpacas At This Farm

Most of us are probably not too up to date on our yoga techniques. Meanwhile, there are those who find themselves wondering how they can take their current yoga technique to the next level. However, neither group probably expected this opportunity to fall into their laps. If you or a loved one has ever wanted to do yoga with baby goats, your big day has finally arrived.

Alpacas are some of the cutest animals on the planet and even the less experienced readers will enjoy doing yoga with them. The Rosebud Ranch is located in Devon, England. This location is the home of the alpaca yoga farm. Visitors are also able to camp out here when their yoga routine is complete. Experiences are tailored to the needs of specific groups.

Classes are also offered as needed. Each class is given the chance to spend time with alpacas, no matter what their skill level may be. They are also provided with a spacious view of Dartmoor. This setting provides the necessary tranquility. Lucy and Nick Aylett are the owners. They are more than happy to provide a relaxing environment for all of their visitors.

Yep you guessed it, feed time!!

Posted by Rosebud Ranch on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Their herd is considered highly therapeutic. The couple has also received various awards for their efforts. The coats of these animals are shaved off, so that various gifts can be provided. These are not the only animals to be found on this property. Lucy and Nick also provide homes to various sheep, cats, hens and bees. They even have two horses roaming about the premises.

Posted by Rosebud Ranch on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Northern Inuit dog rounds out this dream team. This farm is meant to provide an escape from the rat race and we must admit that a visit sounds rather appealing. This location is designed to remove all worries from the equation. We could all stand to use our time more wisely and connecting with the world around us is very important.

This is a principle that the couple is more than happy to live by. The animals that are on hand only serve to enhance the calming effect. The alpacas are known for their ability to reduce stress and now it is time for the world to learn more about this location. Please share this story with your stressed out friends and loved ones. They just might benefit from a trip to jolly old England! We are already considering a trip across the pond ourselves.

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