Sandra Bullock Goes Off: ‘Stop Calling Them Adopted Children, They Are Children, Period.’

Sandra Bullock has had the desire to become a mother for a long time now. She admits that she had a strong desire to mother her own child, even from a young age. If not for her mother, Bullock says that she likely would have been pregnant by the time her teenage years were over. Her mother realized this and did her absolute best to make sure that her daughter avoided such a fate.

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Now, she is just as protective of her own little ones. She has even filed suit against publications that have run photos of her children without the proper clearances. She does not allow pictures of her children to be used by any publication, unless she has already provided them with the necessary permission. She adopted her daughter Laila in 2015 and her son Louis in 2010.

You may not be familiar with this information because Sandra works tirelessly to keep them out of the limelight. She says that a paparazzi was responsible for traumatizing her youngest child. This is something that Sandra will not tolerate under any circumstances. Laila suffered post traumatic stress syndrome and became very fearful of all cameras.

This incident occurred while Bullock was serving as the child’s foster parent. She was worried that perception would work against her in this instance. Bullock was terrified that she would not be allowed to serve as the child’s permanent guardian. Luckily, Louis was with her at the time and he leaped into action to make sure that his little sister remained protected.

Bullock would eventually decide to release her own photos of the children, as a means of removing the bounty that existed. Can you believe that people will pay top dollar just to have photos of someone else’s children? No wonder celebrities remain so guarded in these instances. Now, Sandra is using her story to promote all of the advantages of adoption and letting people know more about her children.

For starters, she does not want them to be referred to as “adopted children”. These children do not need to be singled out from all of the others out there. This is one of her strongest beliefs. She loves her little ones and does not allow them to become swept up in the trappings of show business. Louis does not even know that Sandra is an actress! We wish her the best of luck when it comes to keeping these kids away from the dangers of the spotlight.

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