10+ Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Of The Year

Animals can inspire some amazing photography. Let’s take a closer look at the following animals and the potential album art that they have inspired, shall we?

This is one group of livestock that you are not going to want to mess with.

These pigeons have come straight from the mean streets to tell us exactly what is what.

A gang of cats? Now we’ve truly seen it all.

We sure do hope that these cute little guys don’t get gobbled up by hungry hyenas before the album is released.

This picture reminds us of The Lion King for some reason….can’t imagine why that would be.

These animals definitely have the hairdos of musicians, that much is for sure.

Make the world a better place and heal those around you.

Why would these kitties ever need to go inside? They’ve got fur coats to stay warm.

This horse is definitely posing for an album cover and you can’t tell us otherwise.

What a snazzy looking crew! We’re jealous of the glasses.

We want a single from this panda band right now.

These penguins definitely like to move it….move it.

This is quite the scowl and we are a tad bit frightened now.

Grins like these don’t come along every day.

Those who are familiar with the “Mr. Lonely” song will relate to this one.

This is the most laid back kangaroo we’ve ever had the privilege of laying eyes on.

A cat who can take selfies? Unbelievable.

Long hair, no cares, I’m on my Lenny Kravitz.

Too cool to care in my bad boy shades.

This trio of huskies already look to be the next rising stars.

These felines are about to drop the beat….just wait on it!

Rabbits can withstand the cold well and this little fella is just too icy for his own good.

The facial expression on the bottom owl is priceless.

Shaggy is just staring out the window, hoping for better days.

If you can look at this picture without humming “Under The Sea” then you are a better person than we are.

Now isn’t this quite the motley crew?

The snoop dogs are here to let you know about their upcoming release.

We wonder what this fellow is singing. Perhaps a Whitesnake song? Sorry, we’ll see ourselves out.

These are the sweetest looking pups that we have ever laid eyes upon.

Enemies need to beware of this dynamic duo.

Where my dogs at? We right here, dog.

Check out the coif on this super trendy bunny rabbit.

If this duck isn’t a jazz musician, we will be stunned.

Llamas aren’t worthy of an album cover? Who told you that lie?

The roving pupsters are as adorable as they are talented.

A pig or the hottest new rapper in the M-I-A? You decide.

These cows are on their way to the top of the charts or they will die trying.

We wanna hear these pups’ tunes as soon as humanly possible.

We miss the good old days of rap duets, don’t you?

Shiba Inu? Shiba can too!

This is a fun band to try and hypothetically name, that’s for sure.

Bless up, rastafari!

And now introducing, the latest singing sensations…..

The Backstreet Boys don’t have anything on this group of pugs.

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