After neighbor’s death, 10-year-old invents genius device to stop kids from dying in hot cars

Now that the sweltering hot months of the summer are upon us, the need for additional protection becomes more important than ever. Awareness needs to be raised about the effect of heat and the havoc that it can wreak on the passengers of our automobiles, as numerous tragic incidents occur each year.

Approximately 37 child deaths take place on a yearly basis due to heatstroke from being left inside of a hot automobile and an eleven year old boy named Bishop has come up with a great solution for these problems. His ingenuity is certainly something that must be commended.

When Bishop first showed his father his idea, he was so proud of his son for taking the time to come up with real solutions to the problems that we face, as opposed to adults who simply sit around and complain without ever lifting a finger to help.

The device is known as Oasis and Bishop was inspired to come up with the idea after hearing about a poor six month old who perished after having been left alone in the car for an excessive period of time (four excruciating hours!)

He did not want anyone else to ever feel the trauma of having to lay a family member to rest and he set to work on his project. The Oasis is to be placed on the headrest and it will monitor the vehicle’s internal temperature. Not only will the device be able to circulate cool air throughout the vehicle, but it can also alert the authorities.

The boy was also smart enough to obtain a provisional patent for the device and manufacturers are currently showing a great deal of interest. It may take some time before Bishop’s device is ready to make its way into the marketplace, but one thing is definitely for sure: this is one smart boy who is bound to do great things. Please share this video, so that your friends and family members can appreciate Bishop’s innovation.

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