10 Photos That Prove Sphinx Cats Aren’t Ugly Or Weird

Now that everyone and their mother has a smartphone, the world has changed significantly. Whenever we head outside, everyone seems to be staring down into their phones at all times. What are they looking at? What is drawing so much of their attention? Believe it or not, many of these people are looking at awesome pictures and videos of their cats and other people’s felines.

There are a wide range of cat breeds. They come with a wide range of personalities as well. Some cats are always going to be more likable than others and this is understandable. When it comes to breeds that are misunderstood, the sphinx is pretty high up there on the list. Most people find these cats to be ugly and unusual looking. Some may even believe that they are mean.

However, they are some of the most adorable cats that you are ever going to see. Please be sure to pass these amazing photos along to your friends and loved ones. Those who are still skeptical are urged to check out the 10 pictures below:

This is one of the more unusual colorations that we have ever seen on a cat. How incredibly unique!

We cannot imagine how amazing it would be to wake up next to this little face every single day. This cat has one lucky human, that is for sure.

What could possibly be cuter than one Sphinx cat? How about this set of adorable triplets?

This cat’s eyes are so expressive. We can already tell that this Sphinx is very deep in thought.

Those who do not believe that these cats are truly adorable will have a tough time saying “no” to this face, we bet.

We cannot stop staring at this cat’s ears. We agree with the Instagram caption 100 percent, these ears are melting our hearts!

This Sphinx has already been able to perfect the art of the head tilt. The baby blue eyes only make her that much cuter.

Mama Sphinx might be exhausted but these babies are looking to stay up and have fun. Can you blame them?

All of these wrinkles are only making this cat more adorable to us. Anyone who still thinks the Sphinx isn’t one of the cutest breeds is on their own here.

The grin on this cat’s face says it all, doesn’t it? This is one Sphinx who is loving life.

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