Meet Gringo: The Cat With A Mustache Capturing Hearts Across The Internet

Because of the Internet, there are more and more chances for animal lovers to learn more about their beloved four legged friends. It seems as if everyone has a story or video to share about their cats. People log in every day to check out these photos and stories as well. This is a movement that continues to pick up steam, thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We do not see any problem with what is taking place, however. We love to see all kinds of pictures and videos of everyone’s cats. In fact, there are a number of felines who have become social media stars in their own right. We have seen cats who have way more followers than we ever will and it’s not even close! The British shorthair in this story is a prime example.

Can you believe that this little fellow has his very own mustache? He is a year old and is residing in France with his family. Romaine and Sabrine are more than happy to have him. He also loves to spend time with his brother, Milko. He was up to nearly 60,000 followers on his Instagram account until it was hacked. Why would someone do such a thing to such a sweet cat?

According to Sabrine, he has a “really nice personality” and we are inclined to believe her. He’s a playful cat who enjoys getting into all kinds of mischief. She also claims that he likes to stand up on his back paws, in the same manner that a meerkat would. He may look unique but his attitude is just as uncommon. His owners fell in love with him as soon as they saw his picture online.

While they are already had one cat at the time, they were looking to find a sibling. From the looks of it, they have made an awesome choice. We cannot get enough of this cat’s photos. If you are anything like us, you will not be able to stop looking, either. Gringo has some of the most expressive eyes that we have ever seen on a cat.

It is not hard to tell what he is thinking or feeling at any given time. We just hope that everyone leaves his Instagram account alone! These ruffians need to stop depriving us of all his cuteness. Please be sure to share this heartwarming story (and these adorable pictures) with all of your closest friends and loved ones, as soon as possible!

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