10 Before-And-After Pics Of Dogs And Their Owners Growing Old Together

There is nothing quite like growing up with a dog by your side. Dogs are our best friends and this bond only becomes strengthened when they remain close to us throughout childhood and adolescence. If you are someone who was fortunate enough to have your own as a kid, these photos are definitely bound to hit you right square in the feels…

This man’s recreation of his photos with his beloved dog throughout the course of his life definitely tug at the ‘ol heartstrings. Can you give us a minute (or two) please?

These photos depict one young man’s first and last nights spent with his pup and we hope that his old friend is currently running in doggy heaven with lots of treats and toys.

We can’t even begin to imagine the bond that this dog feels with this child. They have been together for the entirety of the child’s life, after all!

The personal growth that these two have shared with each other is incredible, as this dog went from keeping a watchful eye on the baby’s crib to receiving hugs from a much older version of the same child.

Genevieve does not look the same in the second picture and judging from the looks of it, her owner’s heart is never going to be the same either. Rest in peace, old girl.

Seven years might not seem like a very long time to some, but to those who have a dog to call their own, these years will fly by before you’ve even had a chance to know what hit you.

We are cackling at the recreation of this photo and we commend this young man for being willing to get down on the floor to get dirty along with his beloved pup. This is one animal who is definitely aging well.

These pictures are definitely notable, both for the enthusiasm in this little girl’s face and the fact that her dog went from being a not so willing participant in photos to a more photogenic pup.

We want to see some sort of proof here. The man on the right with the tattoo on his chest cannot be the same person as the little blond boy.

Everyone loves a nice kiss from a sweet puppy, no matter how old we might get and the man in this set of photos is definitely living proof of that!

Be sure to pass these awesome pictures along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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