11 stunning photos taken before and after people stopped drinking

Alcohol addiction is a very severe problem that keeps many of people from looking and feeling our best. It can also keep us from being able to make the most out of our careers or our personal relationships. The following photos showcase the awesome results that can take place when we finally put the bottle down. These before and after pictures are a sight for sore eyes.

Becoming sober is not always easy. Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Thanks to these photos, we can now see the long term effects of sobriety first hand. Be sure to pass these photos along to your friends and loved ones who may be in need of some inspiration in their own life.


Ghostbackwards is a Reddit user who decided to showcase his amazing transformation. He looks like a completely different person now!


Silverladder is another Redditor and he is sharing his changed look with the world as well. These three photos showcase an alteration that has to be seen to be believed.


Brittsuzanne aims to show everyone that these types of changes aren’t just for the men. She’s already dropped 35 pounds since becoming sober.


As for dr_dan_is_sober, it is hard to fathom the change that he has undergone. This is what a six year drinking binge does to a person.


Size16french went from bloated and blotchy to slim and trim. If he can do it, anyone can!


If not for the fact that MEATTEO is wearing the same shirt in both photographs, it would be tough to tell that this is the same person in each snapshot. A third photo definitely drives the point home.

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