20 People Caught Cheating Via Text That Are So Awkward They’re Actually Funny

Cheating in a relationship can be extremely damaging regardless of the reasonings why. Although cheating isn’t funny, these 20 texts are so awkward that they will actually make you LOL!

1. Would you accept a thousand dollars and a new car to cover up for your cheating dad?


2. These briberies are making me sick. Has anyone actually done this before?


3. If they’re sloppy in love, they’re probably sloppy everywhere else. Can you believe this girl?


4. This person got caught in a lie but what was the other person doing there?


5. Probably one of the last things you’d want to hear when checking in with your girlfriend.


6. You know you’re a side chick if they want to break it off over text.


7. Whoever uses ‘family stuff’ to cover up cheating is a real dirtbag.


8. Social media always tells us more than we want to know.


9. This woman cheated one her husband with his brother. Starting a family… with family?!


10. Last time we checked, therapy alone does not work. You have to make those changes yourself.


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