20 People Caught Cheating Via Text That Are So Awkward They’re Actually Funny

11. If someone gets a brand new car out of nowhere, it’s probably because they’re covering for they’re cheating dad!


12. He was so excited to text his side chick but accidentally texted his wife instead.


13. This girl found a new cure for the common cold, but it broke her boyfriend’s heart.


14. You can’t be sneaky around woman. They have a way of finding out everything.


15. I don’t know what’s worse, the mom cheating or the kid initiating a bribe to keep quiet.


16. If you’re married to someone, how do you break up with them? This guy knows the answer.


17. Don’t know why he cheated off of someone so stupid. We hope she’s better at math than she is at English.


18. When the two guys you’re dating have similar names and you slip…


19. If someone’s guilty about something, it won’t be long until the truth comes out. Sometimes, they even out themselves.


20. This dad offered $10 for her daughter to stay quiet. Don’t know how he mistook her for his mistress in the first place.


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