20 Family Members That Look Exactly Alike, But Are Actually Separated By Decades

While there are no two people on this planet who look exactly alike, that does not stop some of us from believing that we have found our doppelganger (or someone else’s for that matter). However, the DNA definitely runs strong among these family members. Let’s take a closer look at the following photos and the uncanny resemblances that they depict.


Can you believe that these photos were taken several decades apart? The grandmother is on the left and the grandchild is on the right.


This mother and daughter may be twenty years apart, but they look like twins…right down to the missing teeth in their smiles.


The “twins” in this photo are actually a father and daughter.


We are just grateful that this mother finally decided to ditch the awful hairdo.


The comparison between this mother and daughter has us wondering if they are actually different people.


This father and daughter are definitely the same person. You’re not telling us otherwise!


Can you believe that a full 78 years elapsed between each of these photos?


This mother and son may not be twins, but they could have fooled us.


You might have thought that the photo on the left was an Instagram filter, but it is actually a photo of Grandma and her granddaughter is the one on the right.


If this father and son didn’t want us to think they were twins, then why the matching vests?

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