20 Family Members That Look Exactly Alike, But Are Actually Separated By Decades


Even the eyebrows on this mother and daughter are exactly alike.


We refuse to believe that this is a father and son. This man is definitely a time traveler of some kind.


The only difference between the mother and daughter in these photos is the glasses.


As long as we’re talking about matching outfits, take a closer look at this father and son!


There’s not as strong of a resemblance here, but both of these women are absolutely working that dress.


This father and son are happy to show off their awesome coifs, beard and all.


Not only do the two mothers in this photo look like twins, but they even hold their babies in the same manner.


One thing is for sure: this father and son are both going to charm the world with those peepers.


Seeing two yearbook photos side by side like this is amazing. You wouldn’t even know that it is a mother and daughter comparison.


All the right photo needs is a pair of glasses.

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