12 Examples Of How The Media Manipulates Photos

It seems as if the traditional news media has been called out so many times over the past few years that it has earned a very poor reputation. 43% of Americans have a negative view of the news, compared to 33% who have a positive view. Quite simply, it is harder to be informed because it is harder to trust what you are seeing is accurate.

In many cases, it has to do with bias. The media should be objective and should not take one side over the other but we know that some news outlets are partisan and stick to their own agenda. They may be state-owned or perhaps run by someone who wants to get their own point across but in either case, it can make it difficult to look beyond the smokescreen.

Why is media trust at such a low point? The same survey said that 80% of Americans thought that the media was critical of democracy. There is certainly a gap between what people expect in an honest and objective media and what they actually got. We now live in a time in which it is easy to point out some of the examples of media manipulation and it has opened many eyes. Some people are turning to social media or perhaps even to other easy to manipulate resources but in the place where we now find ourselves, it is a confused and mistrusted place to be.

People started posting examples of the techniques the media is using to deceive and manipulate their viewers. As you are about to see, it all has to do with perspective and it just proves that there is nothing wrong with being skeptical when you are watching the news. Social media may have that going for them but at the same time, they are regulated, trolled and often a location where people just shout as loudly as they can at each other. The true news media should be a trustworthy resource but they need to stop with the manipulation. You can scroll down through these pictures to see what they are doing.

1. This picture was taken when Kate Middleton and Prince Williams were presenting the third Royal baby to the world

2. US Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit Assist an Iraqi soldier with water from a canteen in 2003.

3. A TV news station

4. Donald Trump presidential inauguration

5. Omaha Hillary rally

6. Soldiers playing with children

7. Theresa May and her campaign launch bus

8. Ruben Salvadoriis a photographer who covered the conflict between Iraq soldiers and Palestine youth. This picture was obviously staged

9. Pro-immigration protest

10. Paris tax protest

11. Ohio Hillary event

12. Media manipulation

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